Welcome! This is the place to be if you want to travel more and design the lifestyle of your dreams.


My name is Simone Langholz, and I am a travel lover and entrepreneur with three massive passions being travelling, entrepreneurship and personal growth! These are the topics you will meet at this website. 

I’m from Denmark, but I now live in Bali creating and living my dream life. I am running an internship programme in Bali, called Balife Foundation. (If that is in your interest, you can read more below).

My overall goal is to inspire men and women to become the best versions of themselves, following their dreams and experience the beauty of this world while protecting it. I want to be one to tell you that dreams are never too big! And building your own lifestyle is ABSOLUTELY possible!

Over the years, I have learned how having a passion truly makes you feel the meaning of “seek what sets your soul on fire”. For me, this is travelling and helping people along the way. Travelling for me holds so many lessons about life, love, core values, personal growth and lifestyle. Travelling and exploring beautiful places makes me feel alive and full of purpose. Meeting people and different cultures teaches me about human values and to feel connected to something bigger than myself. These experiences teach me about the impact we can have on each other and this beautiful planet. 

As I got older, I started travelling more and more. I knew that I wanted to create a lifestyle for myself that was different from the usual, 9-5 workday. I wanted to create a lifestyle builded on my passions, with location freedom and flexible hours. Work that does not feel like work.

Travelling encourages me to become the best version of myself and keep pursuing my dreams – making those dreams a reality. I believe that we set our own limitations and we are the ones to remove and push those limitations. Always! We can accomplish so much more when we ask the little insecure voice in the back of our heads to be quiet. 

I created this blog with the purpose for it to be more than just a travel blog. I want it to be a place seek inspiration in all the areas that follow along with the travel lifestyle, personal growth and designing the life of your dreams. Waking up every day thinking, holy moly, I love what I have created for myself! I’m not saying that life isn’t going to throw some serious hits at you, which is why I also will be sharing the ups and downs and everything I know on navigating through life when those things happen – things that we aren’t taught how to deal with in school. Topics like taking risks, leaving the comfort zone, relationships, creating better habits, losses and hard times etc. Life is a gift, but life can be insanely challenging if you aren’t taught the tools to navigate through it. And also why we keep learning through life. The road is not easy, but when we work our way through and overcome obstacles that is when we grow, we feel the rush of success and heighten our self-belief.

Within this blog, I hope you find inspiration to explore this beautiful planet and inspiration to create the life of your dreams! I am inviting you to follow along from the beginning of this blog / be a part of the journey and maybe a new journey for you as well. Subscribe to receive your journaling freebie and to get notifed with the newest updates! Cheers! And thank you for being here! 

Internship in Bali

As I mentioned above, I run an internship programme with Balife Foundation. The internship provides an opportunity for an encounter with different pedagogical thinking and practice. If you are a pedagogue in training and think you might be interested in going abroad for your internship, check out the Balife internship website for more information!

If you are in another field of study or are looking to volunteer, the Balife internship could suit you too. Please, feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

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