One of my biggest essentials in building my dream life is to keep learning every single day! Staying on a path of learning new things, perspectives and ways of viewing the world and myself. Every day I try to prioritize reading at least 10 pages in a book of interest to improve myself in different ways. 

Here you will find the books I would recommend the most when it comes to growing as a person, getting to know yourself better, expanding your horizon and getting aligned with yourself.

Emotional Healing

'Lost Connections'

This is one of the best books I have ever read! And one I would wish for everybody to read! Honestly, this was the last one left in my collection before getting new books because the front page didn’t really speak to me. It fooled me for sure!

After reading it, I was amazed! A must-read for anyone, but especially those who deal with depression and anxiety or know someone who is! So needed to read in our society today! I would love it if this book were a free prescription for everyone going through dark times!

'How To Do The Work'

Using the latest scientific research and healing modalities, Dr LePera shares her manifesto for self-healing as well as a the guide to re-inventing yourself for a better life.

The first step is in recognising how childhood experiences and trauma can keep us stuck in self-sabotaging behaviours (codependency, emotional immaturity, and trauma bonds) which can lead to an unfulfilling life if left unchecked. Next, Dr LePera equips us with the support and tools to break free and reclaim and recreate our lives.  

This book may just give you a new outlook on how to approach mental wellness and self-care — highly recommended!

Habit Building

'Atomic Habits'

As the name suggests, the book is all about small changes in your daily activities or the little things that are part of your habit. However, it’s also atomic in the way that it can have a huge impact on your life.

You may uncover simple life hacks and find out exactly why they matter so much by learning about the psychology and neuroscience behind these tricks. Afterwards, you’ll find that it becomes easier to stay productive and motivated — without even making drastic changes to your life!

I cannot recommend this enough because not only these little habits can help you with your career or professional life, it can also revolutionize your relationships and overall outlook on life!

In Touch With the Feminine

'She Comes First'

Women’s pleasure should be mandatory! Our pleasure! We deserve it! And this book is the guide that could potentially change the level of intimacy with your partner, so I cannot recommend this enough! 

It is the 101 guide to how a man can learn to well, basically control your orgasms (and yeah that’s in plural). So all you have to do is get this book for your own sake — because you’re worth it! — and then leave this book in the eyesight of your boyfriend or maybe even read it in front of him. 

Afterwards lend or recommend it to a friend and make at least one other person read it! We need more of this!

'Come as You Are'

If you think that your sex life is disappointing or unsatisfactory, this book can really help you out! It views sex as an artform and a beautiful thing that can be used to form a bond with your partner while also learning about yourself!

Do yourself a favour and get this book, so you can explore the science and the psychology behind sex, gain an even better understanding on how your body works, and then use that knowledge to improve your sex life to the next level!

Money Mindset

'Get Rich Lucky Bitch'

Do you find it difficult to manifest more money even though you deserve it? Ever wondered why the most talented people in the world are sometimes the ones struggling to make lots of money? Are you someone who works too hard for too little?

If you say yes to one or all of them, then join Denise Duffield-Thomas in her journey of self-discovery, smashing through money blocks, and become the real lucky bitches!

This is the book that can help you overcome guilt, shame, or embarrassment that keeps you away from earning what you’re worth. So, what are you waiting for? Unlock your hidden potentials and upgrade your life to the next level!


'The Mastery of Love'

A beautiful read with a perspective on what causes fear-based beliefs, suffering and drama to relationships, and how to heal, recover and restore the spirit of loving relationships, as well as how to capture the love within ourselves.

Immerse yourself with insightful stories and discover ways to heal your emotional wounds, recover the freedom and joy that are your birthright, and restore the spirit of playfulness — all that is vital to loving relationships.

Personal Development

'Start With Why'

This one is for you if you want to know more about what some of the greatest leaders in the world all had in common. They started with their “WHY“!

If you want to learn more about being inspired at work, inspire your colleagues, employees and customers – creating loyalty, being innovative, influential and profitable?

Understanding that people won’t truly buy into a product, service, movement or idea until they understand the why behind it. Know your own why to be able to sell that why to others.

Learn about the powerful idea Simon Sinek calls The Golden Circle! Not relying on luck or just hard work to become successful – this is a great place to start! It all starts with “WHY”.

'Surrounded by Idiots'

This is such an interesting book if you want to improve your communication skills and gain a better understanding of not only yourself better but also the people around you.

Find out your color combination between Red, Yellow, Green or Blue — are you super quick at problem-solving? Do you prefer to be organized and/or analytical? Are you a supportive co-worker? Are you impulsive and creative? This book is about discovering yourself both from a personal and professional perspective.

But even more, you gain the knowledge of how to spot the different colors in others and how to communicate effectively between these. The book is filled with ideas and examples on how to get your boss to listen to you.

Want to upscale your sales? Know how to motivate your employees? Who could be beneficial to hire next? How to communicate more easily with your sibling, your cousin or your sister-in-law who has opposite colors? Or maybe your partner? Then I cannot recommend this book enough!

'The Happiness Trap'

Have you heard of the term “psychological trap”? According to research, happiness can be one such trap, where we are stuck inside a vicious cycle of endlessly pursuing happiness — the more we pursue it, the more happiness is out of our reach.

Because of this endless pursuit, we may feel anxious, stressed, and unfulfilled. Eventually, we may even experience depression and low self-esteem. Does this sound familiar to you? If yes, then this book is perfect for you.

And even if you do not experience any of the symptoms mentioned above, this book is still a must-read, so that you can avoid this trap altogether!

'Good Vibes, Good Life'

This book helps you unlock the secret to being happy with yourself by embracing what you have. By living meaningfully and appreciating the little things, good vibes come naturally, and you can manifest whatever you want.

But most importantly, this book invites you to change your life — and maybe even the world — by practicing self-love… because it all starts from within us.

'The Code of the Extraordinary Mind'

Has it ever crossed your mind that maybe, everything you think you know about the world — passed through generations, is long past its expiration date?

Imagine if you could simply create new rules and redefine success on your own terms and start anew? What if you discover the code to go beyond the limits only to realize there’s none all along?

This book encourages you to be the greatest non-conformist of our era and start ditching those outdated rules and beliefs that have kept us from achieving happiness, purpose, fulfilment, and love. You just may find yourself operating at an extraordinary level.