Nusa Lembongan

If you ever want to visit Bali, don’t forget to check out Nusa Lembongan! This tiny island located in the southeast of Bali has so many wonders to discover. This guide will be your handbook to uncover all of Nusa Lembongan’s secrets!

Ready for the full island experience?

When you go to Bali, I would highly recommend you to visit the small island in the southeastern part of Bali, Nusa Lembongan. Here, you will get to experience the vibe of being on an authentic small island.

This is the ideal place whether you are going with friends, as a couple, or solo traveling! I have been there several times myself—with friends, alone, and for a romantic little getaway. 

How to get there:

Going to Nusa Lembongan from Bali, you will be leaving from Sanur harbor. You can book your boat ticket from @arthamasexpresscruise for a 40-minutes boat ride directly to Lembongan. (You are actually allowed to bring dogs on the boat if needed). If you go to Sanur on your bike, there will be parking options for approximately 10K a day.

Boat prices: With Arthamas, the boat ticket back and forth (from and to) Sanur—including transport to and from your accommodation in Lembongan—is 400k. If it is only for the boat, the return ticket is 300k. If you have a KITAS (Temporary Residency Permit), the price for a one-way ticket is 150k or 300k with a return ticket. You can also book an open return ticket if you don’t know how long you will be staying. For a more budget-friendly solution, you can take a local boat which will be between 60-100K depending on your bargaining skills. This boat will take 1-1½ hours. (Note that these are the current prices in 2022).

Where to stay:

There are a ton of different options for any kind of budget. Get your private bungalow first row to the beach, or find a budget-friendly guesthouse. I always use airbnb to find accommodations matching what I am looking for or search on Instagram to book with them directly.

Ideas to check out for all budgets:

  • 221 home stay 
  • Twin island villas
  • Bong hostel
  • Pange hostel 
  • Cecko bungalow 
  • Isla Indah Retreat Lembongan
  • Bunga Bungalow
  • Secret point huts
  • Nusa veranda 
  • Water blow hut 
  • Hai beach resort 
  • Jingga villas 
  • Chill house lembongan 
  • Ohanas Lembongan 

The last three times I went to Lembongan, I stayed with Isla Indah Retreat Lembongan. This is such a cute little place with a true island vibe and a great place to connect with other island guests. The food that they serve is surreal and the family running the place are the sweetest!

The top attractions in Lembongan:

Devil’s Tears, Sunset Point, Mushroom Bay beach, Secret Beach and Mangrove Forest.

You can explore the island by renting a bike and start riding. You can rent a bike anywhere! In fact, you can simply just go outside and yell “BIKE”, and someone will offer to rent you one! 70K a day is a decent average price. 

Other places to try: 

@agungbclub close to the Mangrove Forest has such a vibe! You can spend the whole day here, chilling in the hammocks, dipping in the ocean and enjoying your coffee in the floating cabana. They have a pool as well that you can enjoy. We spent several days at this place!

@indianakenanga is for a more luxurious experience. The decor is gorgeous, and they offer a French-inspired kitchen located right on the beach. Beautiful setting and the perfect IG spot! They have a gorgeous pool in the back as well. 

As you explore the island, you will probably come across the panorama point—otherwise you can search for it on google maps. The view over the island from this point is absolutely amazing! You will be able to see the gorgeous beach, all the small boats and all the way to the beautiful scenery of the Bali mountains.

@thedecklembongan. Coming from the downhill side to the panorama point, you will see a sign on the right hand side saying “Deck”. If you follow this one down the road, it would almost look like you’ve gone the wrong way, but once you come to a stairway, follow that down and you will arrive at the absolute cutest café and bar! This place is the perfect romantic setting or simply to enjoy the sunset.

Several of the places listed as accommodation ideas have great options for an afternoon chill as well, like Ohana for example. 

Places to eat: 

  • Wbc warung 
  • Mama Mia bar and grill 
  • Sunset villa 
  • B’fresh juice bar 
  • Indah Isla Retreat Lembongan 
  • Ginger and Jamu

Lembongan beaches:

  • Dream beach
  • Mushroom bay (Harbour)  
  • Coconuts beach 
  • Jungut Batu beach

Nusa Cenningan

 When you drive around exploring the island, you can also cross the yellow bridge and go to Nusa Cenningan. Cars can’t cross this one, so you can only get there by bike or boat. 
Driving over to Nusa Cenningan is definitely recommended! A place to visit is Mahana point (check if they are open in advance). This little cafe on the cliff side is the perfect location to enjoy a cold cocktail while watching surfers catch the waves! There is an option to do cliff jumping from here as well. I will say though that I am a massive fan of jumping out from things, but I did not jump from this one. I have hit the bottom surface before when I jumped because I sunk DEEEEEEP—and to me, this spot looked like there were massive rocks. So if you go for it, make sure that it has good visibility so you can see what’s below the water surface. 
When you go exploring this island as well, you have to stop by the blue lagoon! There is also a cliff jumping spot here. Before jumping, make sure to leave your belongings on your bike or have someone who’s not jumping to watch over them  
Other places to visit at Nusa Cenningan:  
  • Secret beach 
  • Dream point cenningan  
  • Seabreeze
  • Lepirate 
  • The View Day Club

 More things to try:

  • Mangrove tour 
  • Snorkeling spots: Well point, Gamat Bay and Crystal Bay
  • Diving or snorkeling with manta rays at Manta Bay
  • Sunset point 
  • Get massage 
  • Yellow Bridge to Nusa cenningan (blue lagoon, paddle boarding) 
  • Yoga class
  • Surfing lessons at @monkey_surfinglembongan (get knowledge about shallow reef and ask the locals if you are not in need of instructions) 
  • Kayaking (some resorts offer the equipment for free to borrow otherwise it’s about 100k pr. Hour (7,5 usd). A good place to try for beginners would be Jungut Batu Beach at low tide.

Other helpful tips:


This can be a little tricky. The last time I visited, most of the ATMs were not functioning. So just to be sure, bring cash! And then I pointed out the atm was the one working on the map below. 

If there’s a big game or some sort playing, Mickey’s Sport Bar & Grill is a great bar to visit and watch a game on one of their screens. 

Working online:

If you are planning on getting work done online while you’re in Lembongan, you should consider bringing a portable wifi device, cause the wifi is not always working very well at the different cafes and accommodations.

There are several swings located all around for the perfect Instagram shot. 

Enjoy your adventure!

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