Traveling is without a doubts one of my deepest passions! At this point I think I have visited 35 + countries and in that process I fell in love with Bali and ended up moving there. It is from traveling that I have learnt the most about my own values, growing as a person, healing, connecting and experiencing this beautiful life. I found peace and alignment within. On this page I will share a mix of travel recommendations, templates for you and basically everything in the topic of traveling. Join the email list to get notified with newest updates! You will also find a world and travel friendly webshop with different products I use myself, all with initiatives to reduce our footprints in this beautiful place under the Webshop page. 

Travel Experiences

Have you ever thought about trying the Bubble House experience? 

If you ever go to Bali, there are multiple options for you to try out a Bubble House. 

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The Nusa Penida Guide

In the mood to try something new?

Nusa Penida may be your next travel destination! You’ll find various scenic locations perfect for relaxation as well as a bit of an adventure!

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Nusa Lembongan

Ever wondered what life on a tiny island
feels like?

This is your guide to discovering yet another of Bali’s hidden wonders!

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